What to Wear to Court?

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Many people think their attire in the court does not matter. However, that’s not true!

The judge, jury, and everyone else will notice you depending on how you present yourself. That is why randomly choosing a dress for the court is not a good idea.

This Brings us to a Crucial Question, What to Wear to Court?

Today, we will answer this question and provide you with other associated information about the same.

What to Wear to Court?

Usually, you should wear formal or semiformal attire in court. While there is no mandatory dress code to follow in most countries, it is better to stick to formal or semiformal attire.

Below, we will share with you a few examples for both men and women to better understand what you should wear in court.

· For Men:

Men can wear something like:

  • Button-up shirts
  • Plain formal T-shirt
  • Solid colored trousers
  • Modest watch

 For Women:

Women can wear something like:

  • Blazers
  • Business suits
  • Solid colored blouses
  • Conservative shoes

While these are a few examples of dresses or garments that you can wear to the court, it is equally important to understand what you should avoid. We will highlight that below.

What Shouldn’t you Wear in Court?

Many people might have doubts regarding the dresses and accessories that are too bold or inappropriate for the court. Below, we will share with you a few examples so that you have a better idea.

  • For Men:

Men should avoid wearing:

  • Short-sleeved shirts
  • Sleeveless T-shirts
  • Sneakers
  • Flip flops
  • And so on

As a rule of thumb, in court, you shouldn’t wear what you wouldn’t wear for a workplace meeting. When you stick to this rule, it is easy to understand what you should and shouldn’t wear.

· For Women:

Women should avoid:

  • Low cut blouses
  • Loud patterned dress
  • High slits
  • Short skirts
  • Fitted dresses
  • And so on

It is always a good idea for women to stick to something conservative when visiting the court.

We will now share with you why it matters what you wear in the courtroom.

Why does what you wear in the Courtroom Matters?

There are essentially 3 reasons to dress appropriately for court.


1. Determination of Credibility:

When the judge or the jury has to decide against or for you, they need to consider your credibility. To establish this credibility, they would, of course, take into account how you carry yourself. That is why, if you aren’t dressed appropriately, it can go against you.

Sure enough, your dress is not the only factor in the verdict, but it is one of the many factors taken into account to establish your credibility.

2. Respect for the Institution:

The court is an esteemed institution. That is why; you need to respect the institution when visiting the court. It is determined easily by the way you dress for the court. We recommend you opt for semiformal or formal dresses.

3. Understanding the Seriousness of the Situation:

The way you dress for the court also determines your seriousness. That is another reason you need to choose the dress appropriately.

We will now share a handful of tips that will help you understand how to dress appropriately for the court

Tips to dress Appropriately for Court:

Once you go through the tips below, it will be easy for you to not only choose the right dress but also pair them with the right accessories as well when planning to visit the court.

1. Stick to light Colors:

It is always a good idea to stick to the lighter colors. That way, you don’t end up being too flashy or vibrant. Usually, the same color convention is also followed when dressing up for an important meeting at the office. That is why; we mentioned above that you should ideally wear something which you would wear to a corporate meeting.

2, Avoid Accessories:

Accessories like a normal watch won’t do any harm. However, other than that you should avoid all the flashy accessories when going to court. You have to dress simple.

3. Stick to Conservative Dresses:

Instead of second-guessing the dresses, it is advisable to always stick to conservative dresses when heading to the court. That way, you cannot get it wrong.

4. Do not Ignore your Footwear:

Many people think that they have to just focus on the dress and can choose any footwear.

That’s wrong!

For men, you need to stick to formal footwear. You should avoid sneakers and flip flops at all costs.

Women should stick to conservative footwear and not high heels or something which makes them stand out.These simple tips will ensure that you can dress appropriately for the court without having to spend hours deciding your dresses.

We will now answer some FAQs regarding the dresses you can and cannot wear at the court.

Should I Wear my hair up or Down for Court?

In case you have long hair, you should tie it at the back or put it up as well. Also, it is a good to keep your hair in its natural color rather than in a flashy shade. Also, you have to tie hair before going to court or ensure that it is combed well.

What to Wear to Court to look Innocent?

Your innocence does not depend on just your attire but to get the look right, men can wear formal trousers along with long sleeves shirt. Women can wear a long skirt, conservative top, or a dress. You have to ensure that the dress is at least of the knee length and not too tight and not too revealing.

Can you Wear a Hoodie in Court?

Ideally you should avoid wearing hoodies to court.

Using the guide above, now you won’t face any difficulties in planning your attire for the court. Once you stick to the tips above, it is easy to dress appropriately and ensure that you are taken seriously in the court. Coming across as a credible or a responsible individual in court by choosing the right attire can certainly provide an edge.