What is Jane Doe?

Apr 13, 2022 | General, Legal Questions

The term Jane Doe has been used many times, especially by authority figures and medical practitioners. In movies we have watched, this name has been mentioned severally, which leaves us with the question of what is a Jane Doe. This article will expand your understanding of Jane Doe, citing brief examples.

What is a Jane Doe?

People use the term Jane Doe to; mean an average or ordinary lady. When intentionally concealing the name of a woman or the woman in question is unknown to them, they use this name. The article explains who is a Jane doe and how we use this temporary name with the examples in detail. Medical practitioners, legal teams, and news personnel are the people who use this term in cases of identifying the unidentified or concealing names of those who want to remain anonymous.

Who Is The Article About a Jane Doe For?

 This sham name is used in legal cases to indicate an unidentified person until they are known or a known person whose identity is hidden. In some cases, there is a need to use an anonymous name; this is the name they have to be given. Unidentified victims in various crime scenes or unknown patients in the hospital are also given this name. A person who wishes their name to be concealed for private purposes is also given the term Jane doe. The practice is used mostly in the United Kingdom. Also, the English-speaking countries use them too.

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Examples of a Jane Do:

In context to law, this name refers to a corpse whose identity is unknown or unconfirmed by relatives. For example, a woman living so far away from home gets into an accident and dies, and no one can verify her. Jane doe’s name acts as a stand-in name until someone comes in to claim the body.

In the United States, the name Jane doe was assigned to female victims of rape who wished to remain anonymous due to their reasons. Female corpses from rape cases who were unidentified were also labeled as Jane does. In cases of violence and injuries and a victim decided to remain anonymous, they are also referred to as this.

 In the entertainment industry, it is also used to refer to women who love to remain anonymous, but they have to be out in the open due to public demand. Examples of these cases are celebrities who have passed through a traumatizing experience and wish not to be identified. Also, victims of child abuse decide not to give out their real names. Anything about news and the victims decide not to give out their real names; this is the name they are all given.

There are several reasons to use this term. An example of this is someone who cannot be identified, such as a witness to a crime who doesn’t want to be identified and hasn’t come forward. Generally identifying the information of the murder about the person involved or the victim of the crime is released with the hopes someone will identify them. Law enforcement now is allowed to drop the Jane doe and reveal the person’s real name. This is done to prevent the witness from the suspects.

The term is used to protect someone who does not want to be known in legal proceedings. For example, in criminal trials, juries are sometimes given the name to avoid being pressured or even identified by those being prosecuted.