Wadsworth Municipal Court – Wadsworth, OH

Oct 26, 2021

Wadsworth Municipal Court – Wadsworth, OH

The Wadsworth Municipal Court is located in Wadsworth, Ohio. 

Wadsworth Municipal Court Information

Court: Wadsworth Municipal Court

Address: 120 Maple St, Wadsworth, OH 44281

Phone: 330-335-1596

City: Wadsworth

County: Medina

State: Ohio

By popularity, It is number 1 of 7 courts in Medina county and 58 out of 589 Ohio courts.

What Is The Role Of The Wadsworth Municipal Court?

Municipal Courts are routinely called “courts of limited jurisdiction.” This means that they work with minor crimes, civil disputes, and traffic tickets. Courts like Wadsworth Municipal Court are the first level of court for these types of cases.

On the other hand, the role of a county court is to deal with many civil disputes within the respective region. Most cases involve family law, accidental cases, more serious criminal cases, or lawsuits.

County courthouses have the jurisdiction to deal with misdemeanors and civil matters that can not exceed the amount of $15k, while the circuit courts handle felonies and bigger civil matters.

Types Of Affairs Adjudicated In A Municipal Court In Wadsworth, Ohio

Municipal courts are entry-level courthouses in the United States. They are usually found within the jurisdiction where they are located, but some locales share municipal courts with other municipalities.

This can be done to better service their population or to save money on expenditures. The cases heard by a municipal court may vary, but typically include traffic tickets, small claims, minor crimes, common pleas, and code infractions.

Traffic violations usually result in points against your driver’s license and hamper your driving records. All Wadsworth municipal court records go directly to Medina county under the jurisdictions of Ohio county court.

Generally, Municipal courts deal with misdemeanor issues but can judge felony cases as well.

How Are Cases Managed In The Municipal Court In Wadsworth?

Municipal courts have jurisdiction over minor crimes, traffic matters, and other civil matters. Municipal courts are often known as city courts or town courts. Cases are managed by a magistrate, who is usually a lawyer, judge, or retired judge. Magistrates may be appointed by the mayor or city council board to serve for a specific duration.

Judges administer hearings to determine:

  • Probable cause for arrest
  • Set bail amounts and the conditions of release
  • Conduct arraignment hearings when charges are filed against suspects by police officers
  • Distribute search warrants to law enforcement officers in order to protect evidence from crime scenes
  • Start preliminary examinations to learn if there is enough evidence to charge

The Common Process Of A Municipal Court Matter

The common path of a municipal court case can be complicated. The next portion is an overview of the steps involved in a regular municipal court matter.

First Step: Issuance of Summons

A summons is sent when someone is charged with violating a town ordinance or state law. The individual who received the summons from the court needs to present at their assigned time and the courthouse, which is usually the municipal courtroom, responds to the charge(s) against them.

If they fail to appear or are found guilty anyway, could be fined up to $1,000.00 or sentenced to jail time if it’s a serious offense.

Second Step: Show Up before the Judge or Magistrate

If someone fails to show up after being summoned by the judge, there may be a warrant issued for the individual. 

Municipal Court Penalties in Wadsworth, OH

Penalties change often, which is why it’s best to speak with a licensed lawyer. The material below represents common penalties, but may not be accurate for the Wadsworth Municipal Court. 

A violation is a crime that has a penalty of $500 or below, while a misdemeanor can have penalties of up to $1000 or one year in the local jail. A person’s driving privileges may be suspended for six months if they receive three speeding tickets within 12 months.

The penalties for different crimes in municipal courts vary depending on the severity of offenses. For example, if you are caught with marijuana without having a license for it, then you could be fined up to $2,000 or spend up to six months in jail.

Wadsworth Municipal Court Records

Wadsworth’s court record is online. They posted approved records timely. Search online & You can easily access it. Just a matter of a few clicks!

It is difficult to find Municipal Court records before 2012. It was only an offline record. In case you need any report, contact the Wadsworth city record office by phone or email for your assistance.


What Is Municipal Court In Wadsworth, Ohio?

The municipal court in Wadsworth is the entry-level courthouse in Medina county, Location, Ohio State. It is a city court dealing with petty charges and misdemeanor crimes.

What Does The Municipal Court Handle In Wadsworth, Ohio?

Depending on the size of the municipality, a municipal court can handle a civil division (cases with less than  $15,000 at issue), a traffic/criminal division, or a housing and environmental division. More serious cases/crimes are handled by higher authorities.

How Many Judges Does The Municipal Court Need?

The number of judges depends on the municipality’s population and cases.