Types Of Copulation

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Some people think copulation is all about pleasurable bonding and feeling intimacy with your partner. It is bigger wider than that. In fact, copulations have a significant role in slashing stress levels to more amazing health benefits like the elimination of cancer. A recent study by WHO indicates health benefits gained from copulating include; lowering heart attack, reducing prostate cancer in men, boosting libido, strengthening human well-being, lessening pains from the body, it increases the immune system, boosting brainpower, helping to improve sleep, enables partners to look younger it’s a form of exercise since it aids in burning calories and many more.

Like any other physical activity, copulation the benefits outlined should encourage couples to practice copulation regularly to increase their life span and energy levels. Copulation improves cardiovascular performance; this entails the heart and blood flow since it arouses the heartbeat. If you’ve been ignoring your partner over copulation matters, you’re on the losing side; this is the time to fully benefit from each other’s performance.

This article will address; the meaning of copulation, targeted groups who can practice copulation, an example of copulation and where you can find information about copulation in case you want to learn more. Let’s surge into the article for more understanding.

What does copulation mean?

Copulation is the act of sexual intercourse, lovemaking, and intimacy between a man and a woman. Male sexual organs are inserted in a woman’s sexual organ for pleasure and excitement, up to the point where the two will feel orgasm and later ejaculate. For a complete reproduction to be justified, a male sperm cell travels to the female body to fuse with the female ovaries; this process is known as fertilization. This leads to the formation of a new organism. Some vertebrate fertilization happens externally, where the female lays eggs outside their body, examples of this are frogs and fish. Besides feeling intimacy and pleasure, copulation aid in prolonging the life span of couples, burning calories due to intense exercise involved and improving heart conditions.

Who does copulation?

Humans and animals can practice copulation. Most animals have different types of copulation; it can be externally or internally, depending on their kingdom group. Copulation is done for various reasons, one of the reasons being pleasure and excitement. Other causes are for reproductive purposes, and this is where male sperm and female ovary fuse to fertilize and develop other organs.

Examples of copulation


These are worms rated as among the most miniature animals found on earth. They have both female and male organs, i.e., hermaphroditic organisms. During copulation, both males and females go through mutual fertilization, where the two give and receive sperms, passing their genetics to each other. The copulatory apparatus, a male intromitted organ, rest in a cirrus sac. During copulation, each fluke has to expose or flex the cirrus sac, which leaves their copulatory apparatus exposed outside. Each fluke has a vagina which allows male sperms to be deposited in. after the two flukes are done with copulation, they get separated, and each fluke gets an opportunity to form eggs around the new young and finds a safe place to lay it.


Female sharks release a chemical or pheromones when it feels the urge to have intercourse; this signal attracts any male shark in the surrounding. The shark mating is rough in that it involves a lot of thrashing, biting, tossing and rolling. The male gets a better position by biting the female’s back and fins and flanks it so that it can copulate without much trouble. This is why female shark skin evolved thicker as opposed to male sharks; it has numerous spots as well. Sharks are very clever; they hide deep in water when mating, and that is why reports show that it’s very difficult to see or find sharks mating.

A fun fact about shark mating is that the female can spare some sperms to be used in future. Some female sharks’ mate with different male sharks for them to get various species, and for this reason, you can find various baby sharks from a single shark woman, but babies are from different male sharks. Sharks have a fantastic lifestyle and are found in over 500 species.


Their intelligence level is closer to humans, so this mating is the same as humans. Male dolphins have a penis for infusing sperms into the female cunt. These animals mainly practice sex for pleasure and intimacy. The male dolphins are usually rough and tend to battle with female dolphins, and at times it even leads to rape. Huge male dolphins are typically observed as a threat to female dolphins. This sounds remarkably strange!


The way ducks’ mate is even stranger; male mates induce an immense competition when they want to mate. They ambush the female ducks within the same time period. In defense, females develop a curved vagina, males don’t give up, but instead, they develop into a strange shape and become very aggressive. They have barbed and spiral penises, enabling them to stay in females after mounting them for quite some time.

Where to find information about copulation ?

Get a lot of knowledge concerning copulation in humans and animals as per their various kingdoms by reading a lot of content materials online. Read researched materials by scientists. If you don’t understand, ask for guidelines from knowledgeable people concerning the discipline. Visit any library near you and ask for books relating to copulation and try to make use of them.


Copulation is an act of sexual intercourse for pleasure, for breeding, or to gain other benefits health-wise. It can be done internally or externally. Some health benefits of copulation to humans have increased libido, improved cardiovascular functioning, lowered heart attack, reduced prostate cancer in men, boosted libido, strengthened human well-being, lessened pains from the body, boosted the immune system, and boosted brainpower, helps to improve sleep. Both animals and humans practice copulation. Copulations in animals vary according to their kingdoms.