A Glimpse at the Toledo Jail

Apr 22, 2022

Getting Toledo jail information can come in handy for many people who want to find out about any incarcerated individuals who may be part of their lives.

Do you want to get the scoop on the prisons and jails that are located in the city of Toledo, Ohio? If you do, reading this article may be a major help.

What Is the Toledo Jail? 

What exactly is the Toledo jail? It’s what it seems to be. It describes a highly secure Toledo, Ohio center that houses persons or “inmates” for purposes of confinement. This confinement is not in any sense of their free will. Why are inmates confined?

They are confined simply as the result of actions that are classified as criminal or unlawful. The staff members who work for Toledo jails constantly monitor inmate motions and actions in general. 

Toledo jails, in a nutshell, are short-term centers that enable inmates to wait for their upcoming trials. They enable inmates to wait for their sentences for crimes as well. It isn’t even uncommon to see inmates in Toledo jails who are taking care of comparatively brief sentences. 

The is one of a number of facilities in Toledo dedicated to justice including the Toledo Municipal Court and the Toledo Police Department.

Prisons in Toledo are a whole other ballgame. They give inmates the ability to serve their sentences out in full. These sentences typically have durations of a minimum of a year. They often have durations that exceed that span of time, too. 

Who Is This Toledo Jail Article for Specifically?

This Toledo jail article can be useful to many people. It can be extremely useful to people who simply want to pinpoint the whereabouts of specific inmates who are in the city of Ohio. It can be useful to folks who just want to learn about the people in their areas who may reside in prisons or jails for any reason including fines. If you believe you owe fines, you may be interested in contacting the Toledo Finance Department to see if they can assist. It can even be an asset to individuals who want to look for existing criminal records. Do you want to conduct any background checks on persons who are in Toledo? Do you want to send any cash to an inmate? Do you want to visit an inmate who is in your family? Do you want to reach out to an inmate in general? If you responded to any of these questions with “yes,” then this article may be able to assist you greatly.

Toledo Jail Contact and Location Information

Toledo is equipped with a total of five prisons and jails at this time. 

Lucas County Correctional Treatment Facility

1100 Jefferson Avenue


Toledo Correctional Institution

2001 East Central Avenue


Lucas County Youth Treatment Center

225 11th Street


Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center

1801 Spielbusch Avenue


Lucas County Corrections Center

1622 Spielbusch Avenue


Interesting Toledo Jail Facts

The Toledo Correctional Institution is a facility that has been in operation since the first year of the millennium. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is at the helm of the center. It’s home to roughly 750 inmates total at this time. They’re part of the maximum-security classification.