Learn About the Toledo Clerk of Courts

by | Apr 22, 2022

The Toledo Clerk of Courts is responsible for maintaining all court filings related to judicial matters. Their job is to make the judicial process go smoothly. 

The Clerk of Court is maybe not the most glamorous position in the US judicial system, but it is an important one. This office is responsible for managing all non-judicial functions, like filing paperwork, scheduling courtrooms, swearing in jurors, and so much more. This talented team works behind the scenes to ensure the judicial process can function appropriately. Learn more about what services the Toledo Clerk of Courts provides and when residents may need to utilize these services. 

What is the Toledo Clerk of Courts?

The Toledo Municipal Clerk of Courts serves the City of Toledo, Ottawa Hills, and Washington Township. The Clerk of Court is responsible for providing administrative tasks to the courts to make the judicial process go smoother. 

The is one of many important government services in Toledo including the Toledo Municipal Court, the Toledo Family Court, and the Toledo Finance Department.

The Toledo Clerk of Courts performs these important duties

  • Preparing and issuing orders of the court (for example, jury summonses)
  • Preparing case dockets
  • Examining legal documents
  • Searching and obtaining information for the court, like witnesses or attorneys.
  • Staff scheduling
  • Swearing in jury members and witnesses
  • Maintaining court appearance schedules for all involved parties

These are just some of the important duties that the Clerk of Courts assists the court with on a daily basis. The Toledo Clerk of Courts is where residents can also find the Civil Division and Criminal and Traffic Division where all records related to court filings are managed. This is where public records can be found either in person, by phone or online. Currently, the Clerk of Court is Vallie Bowman-English, who was elected in November of 2003. 

Residents of Toledo, Ottawa Hills and Washington Township will need to utilize the Toledo Clerk of Courts to file a civil or criminal complaint. This is also where residents can pay traffic tickets or register their vehicles. Some examples of civil matters are damages, evictions, unpaid rent, temporary restraining orders, and judgment transfers. Residents who wish to get married can also go to the Toledo Clerk of Courts to obtain a marriage license. The Clerk of Courts is where interested parties can obtain public records related to both civil and criminal cases. 

Location and Contact Information for Toledo Clerk of Courts:

Vallie Bowman-English, Toledo Municipal Clerk of Court

555 North Erie Street 

Toledo Ohio 43604

419-936-3650 (phone)

419-936-7012 (civil fax)

419-245-1801 (criminal / traffic fax)

Email: [email protected]

Interesting Facts About Toledo Clerk of Courts:

Vallie Bowman-English was elected the Clerk of the Toledo Municipal Court in November 2003. Vallie was responsible for increasing public access to records by placing case information on the website. Prior to this, residents had to call or come in person to access public records. Vallie also created a first of its kind app for residents to more easily keep track of court dates and case information. The Toledo Clerk of Courts implemented the option to e-file, which can be a much more convenient way for residents to submit documents. Vallie Bowman-English was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and previously was an Assistant Prosecutor before being elected to this role.