The Ins and Outs of the Toledo Airport

Apr 22, 2022

Toledo Express Airport accommodates people who wish to travel all throughout the United States and beyond. Both American Airlines and Allegiant fly out of the airport on a regular basis.

What Is the Toledo Airport?

Toledo Airport, in brief, is a public airport that has been in operation all the way back in the middle of the fifties. It initially functioned as a Toledo Municipal Airport substitute. It spans a total of 2,345 acres. It features a pair of runways as well. 

The airport is one of many notable things to see in Toledo including the Toledo Municipal Court and the Toledo Juvenile Court.

Who Is The Toledo Airport For?

Toledo Airport caters to people who need to travel for all kinds of diverse purposes. It doesn’t matter if a person is looking to travel for work. It doesn’t matter if a person is looking to travel for leisure, family, or anything else along those lines. Toledo Airport can save the day without issue. People who fly American Airlines out of Toledo Express Airport can get to bustling Chicago, Illinois without having to go on any connecting flights. They can do so without stopping, too. People who fly Allegiant out of the airport can get to sunny Phoenix, Arizona, Tampa, Florida, Orlando, Florida, and Fort Myers, Florida without stopping all the same.

Learning about Toledo Airport in advance can be immensely helpful to people who are going to be using it. That’s due to the fact that airports can often be extremely confusing and overwhelming places. They’re often on the bigger side. People often perform online research in order to figure out airport layouts, businesses, and features in general.

Reading about this airport can give people insight into what involves ground transportation options. This can help them get to their homes and to hotels easily and without stress. Online research can also come in handy for people who want to learn about airport parking, dining establishments, and business facilities. Toledo Airport is like the majority of other airports in that it’s equipped with a business center that can help people who need to take care of faxing, emailing, printing, and similar tasks.

Toledo Airport Location and Contact Details

Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport

11013 Airport Highway

Swanton, Ohio 43558

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (419) 243-8251 

Interesting Facts About the Toledo Airport 

There are a handful of things that make Toledo Airport fascinating and memorable to the public. Gene Kranz is its namesake. Kranz is an individual who called Toledo his hometown. He was also a flight director who had employment with the famed NASA. Toledo Airport received Kranz’s name in the fall of 2020.

This airport catered to more than 240,000 passengers in total in 2018.

Toledo Express Airport features a pair of parking lots. One of the parking lots is suitable for long-term use. The other one is appropriate for short-term requirements. They’re situated in the northern section of the establishment.