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If you’ve ever had to deal with the court system, then you know it can be a pain. That’s why we created Connect 2 Help, in order to provide you with free, accurate resources on the courts in your area. 

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We have different levels of court for your every problem. We believe in
treating each citizen equally in front of justice. 

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Superior Court

A trial court where we hear and decide any civil or criminal case that has not been specifically designated for hearing in another court.
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Clerk Of Court

We have experienced officers who can keep track of court records and administer oaths.
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Circuit Court

We ensure that cases in an area are viewed and understood by many people through our Circuit Court and highly professional judges.

Efforts of Municipal Court’s Judicial Division

Because the state always puts its people first, the Municipal Courts Judicial Division works tirelessly to ensure their well-being.
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Aggressive & Experienced Probate Lawyers

We have with us highly experienced lawyers to guide you through every step and fight along with you.


“I was a bit hesitant if I have made the right decision. I am very thankful to American Courts for making my experience seamless and without much intervention. If you are looking for professionalism and excellent service, this is the perfect place to be at.”

Lonnie Clouse

“During the entire process of resolving the estate affairs, the highly skilled probate lawyers of American Courts went beside me.”

Janice Reilly

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