North Kansas City Municipal Court – North Kansas City, MO

Oct 26, 2021

North Kansas City Municipal Court

A municipal court is a court of limited jurisdiction. The North Kansas City Municipal Court is no different; it focuses on violations of city ordinances, traffic offenses, and other minor matters within its location.

North Kansas City Municipal Court Information

  • Court: North Kansas City Municipal Court
  • Address: “City Hall 2010 Howell Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116”
  • Phone: 816-274-6007
  • Fax number: 816-628-9941
  • City: North Kansas City
  • County: Clay County
  • State: Missouri

What is the Purpose of the North Kansas City Municipal Court?

The Municipal Court office is committed to providing efficient, friendly service and improving the delivery of Court services. The North Kansas City Municipal Court handles violations of the municipal ordinances of North Kansas City.

The state government formed the court to provide a safe forum for citizens to have their disputes heard, impartially adjudicated, and satisfactorily resolved, to protect the constitutional rights of all citizens, and to promote respect for the law in the community.

The court to strives to provide courteous, fair, and respectful service to all parties involved while bringing about a sense of justice for the community.

Types of cases heard in a Municipal Court in North Kansas City, Missouri

Most misdemeanor criminal cases are heard in the Municipal Court of North Kansas City, Missouri. These types of cases range from minor offenses such as public intoxication and shoplifting to more serious violations like DUI/DWI and domestic violence.

The Municipal Court also handles traffic tickets issued within the city limits, civil disputes concerning amounts less than $5,000, landlord-tenant issues, city ordinance violations, and juveniles charged with delinquent acts.

The Municipal Court also has jurisdiction over small claims cases involving amounts up to $2500.00 and non-jury trials in civil cases up to $15,000.

There is no set definition for what makes a misdemeanor crime versus a felony charge, but generally speaking, felonies would require more time in jail than misdemeanor charges, and court fees may also be higher for felonies.

What is the Procedure for Cases in the Municipal Court in North Kansas City?

Municipal Court contacts its business on Monday nights at 6 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall in North Kansas City, MO. All cases in the Municipal Court are handled according to rules and procedures as set forth in Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.

The process of a municipal court case includes the following:

  1. The court will hear all cases in the order they are called unless otherwise noted by the judge.
  2. When the case is called, the person accused enters a plea of guilty or not guilty.
  3. If the accused pleads not guilty, a trial date will be set.
  4. On the trial date, the accused has the right to present evidence, subpoena witnesses, and cross-examine the State’s witnesses.
  5. The attorney will then render a verdict of guilty or not guilty.
  6. If the accused is found guilty, a sentence will be imposed. The sentence could include jail time, fines, or community service.
  7. If the accused is found not guilty, the charges will be dismissed, and the case will be closed.

You should contact the court at their physical address in Clay county or the website if you have any questions about your court date.

Municipal Court Penalties in North Kansas City, MO

Fines and penalties for violations of city ordinances in North Kansas City are set by state law, and the municipal court has jurisdiction to impose them. The court can impose fines for minor offenses, jail time for more serious violations, and license suspensions or revocations.

Municipal court penalties can range from small fines to more serious punishments depending on the violation. For minor offenses such as speeding or parking violations, a fine is typically imposed. More serious violations may lead to jail time and/or license suspension or revocation.

There is also a service fee charged by the attorney, plus the court may also order payment of restitution to victims of the offense.

North Kansas City Municipal Court Records

The North Kansas City Municipal Court records offer a wealth of information to the public. The records include criminal and traffic cases, civil matters, juvenile petitions, and other information. These records are accessible to anyone with an active case in the court or by searching the court’s public website.

The records include information on the case number, date of filing, type of offense, disposition, sentence, and fines. In addition to this information, the records often include details about any witnesses or evidence presented at trial. They may also provide document links related to the case, such as court orders or transcripts of proceedings.

The North Kansas City Municipal Court records offer invaluable insight into the legal system and can be used to understand court proceedings better. They are an important tool for both attorneys and members of the public to research cases.

FAQs About the North Kansas City Municipal Court

What is a Municipal Court in North Kansas City, Missouri?

A Municipal Court in North Kansas City, Missouri, is a court of law that hears crimes involving violations of city ordinances and other local laws. It is presided over by a judge who has the authority to determine the guilt or innocence of those accused of violating ordinances and other local laws.

What does the Municipal Court Handle in North Kansas City, Missouri?

The court handles cases involving traffic and parking violations, animal control issues, minor ordinance violations, misdemeanor criminal offenses, and some felonies.

How are Cases Heard in Municipal Courts in Missouri?

Cases are heard in municipal courts according to the Missouri Rules of Civil Procedure. All cases are heard by a judge, and no jury is present. When hearing a case, the judge will consider testimony and evidence presented by both sides, as well as any legal arguments.