Middletown Municipal Court – Middletown, OH

Oct 26, 2021

Middletown Ohio Municipal Court – Butler county

A municipal court is a court with restrictive jurisdiction over criminal charges and civil matters inside its area. These courts can be located at the municipal or city level.

Middletown Municipal Court Information

Court: Middletown Ohio Municipal Court

Address: One Donham Plaza, Middletown, OH 45042

Phone +1513-425-7811

City: Middletown

County: Butler

State: Ohio

What Is The Role Of The Middletown Municipal Court?

Municipal Courts are often called “courts of limited jurisdiction.” This means that they work with minor crimes, civil matters, and traffic matters. Courts like Middletown Municipal Court are the first level of court for these types of cases.

The court is authorized to hear misdemeanor criminal and traffic cases as well as civil cases not exceeding $15,000. The court’s geographical jurisdiction includes the City of Middletown and the City of Trenton Lemon Township Madison Township Location.

The court is located primarily in Butler County, but also covers parts of Warren County. This area consists of approximately 70,000 people.

County courts have the jurisdiction to deal with misdemeanors and civil actions that can’t exceed the amount of $15k, while the circuit courts handle felony cases and more expansive civil cases.

Types Of Cases Heard In A Municipal Court In Middletown, Ohio

Municipal courts are entry-level courthouses in the United States. Middletown municipal court is one of them typically deals with traffic violations, minor criminal charges, evictions, and code infractions.

Traffic violations usually result in points against your driver’s license and hamper your driving records.

All Middletown municipal court records go directly to Butler county under the jurisdictions of Ohio county court.

Generally, Municipal courts deal with misdemeanor issues while circuit courts deal with felonies.

How Are Cases Handled In The Middletown Municipal Court?

Middletown municipal court has jurisdiction over minor crimes, traffic, and other common civil issues.

Cases are handled by a magistrate who is usually an attorney, judge, or retired judge. Magistrates may be appointed by the mayor or city council board to assist in the law department for a specific period of time.

Judges administer hearings to determine:

  • Probable cause for arrest
  • Set bail amounts and terms of release
  • Conduct arraignment hearings when charges are filed against defendants by police officers
  • Distribute search warrants to law enforcement officers in order to seize evidence from crime locations
  • start preliminary examinations to understand if there is enough evidence to mount a charge

The Typical Process Of A Municipal Court Matter

The common path of a municipal courthouse case can be complex. The following is an overview of the most common steps involved in a typical municipal court matter.

First Step: An Issuance of Summons

A court summons is given when someone has been charged with violating a city ordinance or state law. The person who has received the summons from the court need to present at their assigned time and location. It is usually the municipal courtroom, to respond for the charge(s) against them. If they don’t appear, they may be found guilty anyways and could be fined up to $1,000.00 or given a jail term if it’s a serious offense.

Step Two: Appearance before Judge or Magistrate

If someone fails to respond after being summoned by the judge, there may be a warrant issued for the person. 

Municipal Court Penalties in Middletown, OH

Penalties change often, which is why it’s best to speak with a licensed attorney near you. The information below represents common penalties, but may not be accurate for the Middletown Municipal Court every time. 

A violation is a crime that carries a penalty of $500 or below, while a misdemeanor charge can possess penalties of up to $1000 or one year in jail. A person’s driving privileges may be suspended for six months if they receive three speeding tickets within 12 months. The penalties vary depending on the severity of the charges.

Middletown Municipal Court Records

Middletown municipal court record is online. They posted approved records in a timely in their website. Just check the website & You might access it. It is difficult to find Middletown Municipal Court records before the online era.

In case you need any report, contact the Middletown city record office, visit the website or go to the physical office One Donham Plaza Middletown, Butler county.


What Is Municipal Court In Middletown, Ohio?

The municipal court in Middletown is the entry-level courthouse in Butler county, Location, Ohio State. It is a city court dealing with petty charges and misdemeanor crimes.

How Many Judges Does The Middletown Municipal Court Have?

The number of judges depends on the municipality’s population.