Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District – Bridgeview, IL

Oct 30, 2021

Courts like Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District choose what actually occurred as well as what ought to be done regarding it. They choose whether a person dedicated a crime and what the punishment should be. They additionally supply a serene way to determine exclusive conflicts that people can’t solve themselves. Relying on the conflict or crime, some situations wind up in the federal courts and also some end up in state courts. Discover more about the circuit court in Bridgeview, Illinois.

Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District INformation

Bridgeview Courthouse Directions

Court: Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District
Address: “Fifth Municipal District Courthouse 10220 South 76th Avenue, Room 121, Bridgeview, IL 60455”
Phone: 708-974-6500

City: Bridgeview
County: Cook
State: Illinois

Bridgeview il Courthouse

The Circuit Court of Cook County of the State of Illinois is the largest of the 24 judicial circuits in Illinois and one of the largest unified court systems in the world. It has about 400 judges who serve the 5.2 million residents of Cook County within the City of Chicago and its 126 surrounding suburbs. More than 1 million cases are filed each year.

The Circuit Court of Cook County was created by a 1964 amendment to the Illinois Constitution which reorganized the courts in Illinois.  The amendment effectively merged the often confusing and overlapping jurisdictions of Cook County’s previous 161 courts into one uniform and cohesive court of general jurisdiction.

Today, the Circuit Court of Cook County is a unified court system in which all trial courts are consolidated under the chief judge, Honorable Timothy C. Evans, who has centralized authority to coordinate and supervise the administrative functions of the court.

The Circuit Court of Cook County’s Fifth Municipal District is made up of the following municipalities and townships in the southwestern suburbs of Cook County: the municipalities of Alsip; Bedford Park; Bridgeview; Burbank; Burr Ridge*; Chicago Ridge; Crestwood; Countryside; Evergreen Park; Forest View; Hickory Hills; Hinsdale*; Hodgkins; Hometown; Indian Head Park; Justice; La Grange; Lemont*; Lyons; McCook; Merrionette Park; Oak Forest; Oak Lawn; Orland Hills; Orland Park*; Palos Heights; Palos Hills; Palos Park; Stickney; Summit; Tinley Park*; Western Springs; Willow Springs*; Woodridge*; and Worth; and the Townships of Lemont, Lyons, Orland, Palos, Stickney, and Worth. Login here.

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Bridgeview Courthouse Case Lookup

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Bridgeview Courthouse Court Date Lookup

The Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court provides electronic dockets for cases filed in its Civil, Law, Chancery, and Domestic Relations divisions. To search these dockets, visit  and select the Court division you need to search.

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Bridgeview Courthouse Social Services

The Social Service Department of the Circuit Court of Cook County is a community corrections and court services agency mandated by the court to direct adult felony and misdemeanor offenders in satisfying court-ordered conditions and penalties.  As officers of the court, department staff craft and employ offender-specific strategies to achieve the sentencing objective of the court, which is defined by the Illinois Constitution as “restoring the offender to useful citizenship.”

Following the principles of limited risk management, the Social Service Department uses a dynamic process of assessment to:

  • provide and facilitate correctional treatment services appropriate to the offender’s criminogenic needs;
  • match the degree and intensity of services to the level of risk the offender poses to society; and
  • gauge the offender’s compliance and continued risk to the community.

In partnership with the court and the community, the Social Service Department increases public safety by redirecting offenders toward non-criminal behavior in the home, school, workplace, and community.

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Bridgeview Courthouse Clerk Office

10220 S. 76th Avenue, Bridgeview, IL 60455.

The jury assembly room is located on the 2nd floor in Room 220.

Parking is currently free in the lot located on the north side of the courthouse.  Access is from 76th Avenue.  There are parking spaces available for persons with disabilities.

All Cook County Courthouses can be reached by public transportation. To create an itinerary over the phone, or for the most current routes and schedules for both city and suburb via – ADA ParatransitCTAMETRA or PACE Bus, call the RTA Travel Information Center at (312) 836-7000 or TDD/TTY (312) 836-4949 or visit their website for information and use the trip planner.

Bridgeview Courthouse Pay Ticket

Please click below to be taken to the Clerk of the Circuit Court Online Traffic Ticket Payment System. You can use this system if you recently received a traffic ticket (also referred to as a “complaint”) and you wish to plead guilty and pay your traffic ticket or to plead not guilty and request a court hearing date.

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What is the purpose of the Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District?

Lots of U.S. states have courts called “circuit courts.” A lot of are trial courts of general, initial jurisdiction.

The circuit court is the name of a kind of court in the USA that sees both criminal and civil issues. Circuit courts are built for trials, however they generally see reduced degree matters compared to superior courts.

Circuit courts usually cover a number of areas or areas in a given geographical area. The circuit court acquires its’ name from the method of a sole judge ‘rode the circuit’ to hold trials in various areas within the circuit.

Lots of states in the USA have circuit courts including Connecticut, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, Oregon, Tennessee, West Virginia, as well as Wisconsin.

Bridgeview Courthouse Marriage License

Before getting married in Chicago or suburban Cook County, couples must obtain a marriage license from the Cook County Clerk’s office.


Couples must appear together at one of the Cook County Clerk’s six locations. They must:

  • Fill out and sign a marriage license application.
  • Present valid identification with proof of age.
  • The marriage license fee is $60.
  • Applicants who have divorced must provide the date the divorce was finalized upon applying for a marriage license. Applicants who have divorced within the last six months must provide a certified copy of their divorce decree.

Timelines and restrictions

Marriage licenses are:

  • issued while you wait
  • effective the following calendar day after they are issued
  • valid for 60 days
  • effective only in Chicago and suburban Cook County

The Clerk’s site provides additional information including eligibility, exceptions, and additional information and links.

TYPES OF CASES adjudicated IN A Circuit COURT in Bridgeview, Illinois

Circuit courts and also the types of matters they manage vary by state. In lots of states, a judicial circuit can one or more counties. Each circuit court can have numerous divisions, including circuit, associate, tiny cases, probate, family, or medication court. Each division listens to instances within its certain location of subject-matter jurisdiction, and jurisdiction is based on the dimension or type of a civil case or the intensity or sort of a criminal fee. Drug-related court, as an example, listens to only drug-related criminal situations.

The last years has seen the development of a growing variety of court-based, “analytic” campaigns that look for to attend to the troubles (” root causes”) that add to criminal involvement of individuals in the criminal justice population.

A narcotics court is a specifically created court calendar– or docket– with a goal to accomplish a decrease in regression and material use amongst drug-involved offenders in the community. An adult medicine court looks for to boost the transgressor’s chance of successful recuperation with constant, intense judicially-supervised therapy, necessary periodic medicine screening, community supervision as well as use suitable permissions and various other recovery services.

Court records at Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District

Several states like Illinois have electronic court record systems, we recommend navigating to the website of the Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District. There is no single documentation system for all circuit courts across the U.S. These systems can also be various within a state so we advise calling the court at 708-974-6500 to get the most exact information.

Jury Duty at the Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District

Jurors are selected by computer system randomization from Voter Enrollment and also Department of Revenue documents as well as sent out a summons about 4 weeks before the day they are to report. Jurors get on call for one week/ one test.

There are two methods to complete court service. The first is to appear face to face and offer up until you are released, despite whether or not you were selected as a juror for a instance. The second is to be summoned and also have your service cancelled by the Court.

The jury choice process is normally finished in eventually yet may take longer sometimes. Many jurors undergo just one option process and those not selected for the jury panel are launched at the end of the selection. If you are chosen as a juror in a case the average size of a test is about 3 days. During the choice process you will certainly be informed the length of time the particular situation you are being taken into consideration for is anticipated to last.

A individual that willfully fails to stand for court service remains in civil contempt of court. The Court might release an order routing the person to a hearing where the individual would certainly be required to show excellent cause for failing to look like summoned.

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Common Questions ABOUT the Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District

Are circuit court judges elected in Bridgeview, Illinois?

Circuit court judges are chosen by the voters of Illinois in nonpartisan, contested elections against other persons who select to qualify as candidates for the position.

How do i find my appearance time at Cook County Circuit Court – 5th Municipal District?

You  might inspect today‘s Court Arrange on the website of the court for additional information. Or, feel free to call the court at 708-974-6500.