Calera Municipal Court – Calera, OK

by | Oct 26, 2021

A municipal court is a court with a restrictive area of authority over criminal offenses and civil disputes within its location. These courts can be located at the county or city level.

Calera Municipal Court Information

Court: Calera Municipal Court
Address: “110 West Main Street, Calera, OK 74730”
Phone: 580-434-5420

City: Calera
County: Bryan
State: Oklahoma

What Is The Purpose Of The Calera Municipal Court?

Municipal Courts are routinely called “courts of limited jurisdiction.” This means that they handle minor crimes, civil cases, and traffic incidents. Courts like Calera Municipal Court are the first level of court for these types of cases.

On the other hand, the role of a county court is to deal with a large number of civil disputes within the respective region. Most cases involve family law matters, injury cases, more serious criminal charges, or breaches of contract.

County courthouses have the jurisdiction to deal with misdemeanors and civil matters that can’t exceed the amount of $15,000.00, while the circuit courts handle felonies and bigger civil matters.

Types Of Cases Adjudicated In A Municipal Court In Calera, Oklahoma

Municipal courts are the bottom rung of courts in the United States. They are usually found within the jurisdiction where they are located, but some places share municipal courts with other municipalities.

This can be done to better service their citizens or to save money on expenditures. The cases that will be heard by a municipal court depend on the municipality, but typically include traffic matters, low-level criminal charges, and code infractions.

There is no set definition for what makes a misdemeanor charge versus a felony, but generally speaking, felonies would require more time in jail than misdemeanor crimes and fines may also be higher for felonies. Traffic violations usually result in points against your driver’s license as well.

How Are Cases Managed In The Municipal Court In Calera?

Municipal courts are the first tier of the court system in the United States. They have jurisdiction over minor crimes, traffic crimes, and other civil matters. Municipal courts are popularly known as city courts or town courts. Cases are managed by a magistrate who is usually a lawyer, judge, or retired judge. Magistrates may be appointed by the mayor or city council members to serve for a specific period.

Magistrates preside over hearings to determine:

  • Probable cause for an arrest

  • Set bail amounts and conditions of release

  • Conduct arraignment hearings when charges are filed against suspects by police officers

  • Issue search warrants to police officers to seize evidence from crime locations

  • start preliminary inquiries to understand if there is enough evidence to issue a charge

The Typical Process Of A Municipal Court Case

The process of a municipal court case can be complicated. The following is an overview of the steps involved in a regular municipal court case.

Step One: An Issuance Of Summons

A summons is sent when someone has been charged with violating a town rule or state law. The individual who has received the court summons will need to be present at their assigned time and courthouse, which is usually the municipal courtroom, to answer for the charge(s) against them. If they don’t show up, they may be found guilty in absentia and could be fined up to $1,000.00 or given a jail sentence if it’s a serious enough offense.


Second Step: Appearance Before Judge Or Magistrate

If a person fails to respond after being summoned by the judge, there may be a warrant issued for the individual. 

Municipal Court Penalties in Calera, OK

Penalties change often, which is why it’s best to speak with a licensed attorney near you. The information below represents common penalties, but may not be accurate for the Calera Municipal Court. 

A violation is a crime that carries a penalty of $500 or below, while a misdemeanor crime can have penalties of up to $1k or one years in jail. A person’s driving privileges may be suspended for six months if they receive three speeding tickets within 12 months.

The penalties for different charges in municipal courts vary depending on the severity of a charge. For example, if you are caught with marijuana without having a license for it then you will be fined up to $2k or spend up to six months in jail.

Calera Municipal Court Records

Finding Municipal Court records can be a tricky process, as they are often spread over several locations and systems. Depending on the charge scheduled for a scheduled court date and the level of detail needed for a particular case, the type of information required varies greatly. The records will usually provide contact details for various courts and documents, along with instructions about each one’s specific procedures. Although locating those records may take more time and effort than other research cases, getting a handle on where to begin is key in finding important records from the Municipal Court.

Common Questions About The Calera Municipal Court

What is municipal court in Calera, Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma municipal courts are a vital part of their local communities, providing an accessible place for unforeseen civil and criminal matters. Municipal courts are typically small locations with limited authority, allowing them to resolve local infractions like misdemeanors efficiently. Ultimately these towns are able to manage the short-term demands of their citizens when unforeseen circumstances arise. This can include resolving disputes among neighbors or issuing fines and collecting a money order, cashier’s check, or other forms of payment in order to have a good record in any criminal matter.

What Does The Municipal Court Handle In Calera, Oklahoma?

Depending on the size of the municipality, a municipal court can handle a civil division (cases with less than  $15,000 at issue), a traffic/criminal division, or a housing and environmental division. More serious cases/crimes are dealt with by higher authorities.

How Many Judges Does The Calera Municipal Court Have?

The number of judges depends on the municipality’s size.

The Calera Municipal Court is staffed by two full-time judges, who preside over most of the cases that come before it. On a typical court date, a defensive driving course, attending driving school, and maintaining clean driving record habits are topics commonly discussed in municipal court.

Those accepted into defensive driving courses have an opportunity to have their assessed ticket fines reduced or dismissed entirely. Therefore, abiding by the rules of the road while within city limits is essential if one hopes to avoid going before the Calera Municipal Court and its two judges.

How Are Cases Heard In Municipal Courts In Oklahoma?

Serving as a municipal court judge is an important role that requires knowledge and dedication. In courtrooms across the country, judges are either appointed or elected to preside over a court appearance and proceeding.

Historically, court dates and court appearances were organized in accordance with the division of precincts defined by the county boundaries. For example, if one were from Shelby County or Bryan County, each precinct’s court results would be weighted according to the population within those respective regions. Despite much-varying criteria per court system, all magistrates must complete multiple continuing education courses each year to retain their licenses and demonstrate competency within the magistrate’s office.